Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Eda Chutney Na Patties – Egg Chutney Patties

Eda Chutney Na Patties – Egg Chutney Patties
Makes 6 big (actually huge) patties

This one comes to you from a Parsee kitchen. It’s a Parsee delicacy and a Bawa needs no special occasion to make this. We’ll gobble these anytime, anywhere. :-) There was a time when, as a kid, I hated chutney. When I entered the kitchen arena as a teenager and began trying out new textures and flavors, I could have kicked myself for being stubborn so as not to try it earlier. (Yes, mom you were right, as always. I admit it’s delicious). Spicy-tangy coriander-mint chutney and eggs beautifully encased in mashed potato. What could go wrong with that??


3 eggs, boiled, shelled and cut into two
1-1¼ kilo potatoes, boiled, peeled and smoothly mashed
Salt, to taste
½  - 1 cup semolina
2 eggs, beaten and seasoned with salt
Oil, to fry
2 tablespoons oil, to grease palms (literally :-) )

Ingredients for Chutney:

½ coconut
1 bunch coriander leaves
1 bunch mint leaves
10-12 green chilies
6-7 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon jeera (cumin seeds)
3 medium sized raw mangoes, (use to taste depending on the amount of acidity best suited to your taste buds - when not in season use lime juice)
Salt, to taste
Sugar, to taste

Method for Chutney:

  1. Grind all the ingredients to a thick chutney. (The chutney has to be really thick therefore if you can grind it without adding water that would be superb, but if your grinder blades need that wee bit of nudge, then add a wee bit.)
  2. When done, keep aside. 
Method for the Patties:

  1. Season the mashed potatoes with salt.
  2. Oil the palm of your hands so that the mashed potato doesn't stick, take a big lump of mashed potato and shape it to form a deep cup.
  3. Add half an egg and a big spoonful of chutney into the cup and carefully work your way to closing the cup to form a pattie. Set the made pattie on a thali sprinkled with a little semolina. (This way the patties wont stick to the thali/plate and it will be easier to handle when you lift it)
  4. Repeat till all the potatoes and eggs are used up.
  5. Roll the patties in the remaining semolina, dip in beaten-seasoned eggs and fry in oil till golden brown on all sides. 
Chef Notes: 

  1. Refrain from adding too much water when grinding the chutney because the chutney has to be really thick to ensure it doesn't seep out of the patties when you fill it with chutney.
  2. Preferably make the chutney a day in advance and keep it in the fridge. I usually do that because the chutney becomes a wee bit firmer and easier to handle when refrigerated.
  3. When you make the patties, ensure there are no cracks in the outer potato layer. The smoother the pattie the less chance of it splitting during the frying process.
  4. This quantity makes six huge patties. You may quarter the eggs instead of halving them and make smaller patties and that will yield twelve patties instead of six. 
  5. You may share the direct blog-link of the recipe/s but do NOT publish my recipes and my photographs on any blog-site or website without my explicit consent or attempt to pass off my recipe/s as your own. You will be held accountable for plagiarism. 


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    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting the blog. Visited your blog and have joined on to admire the goodies. Thanks a ton! Shall surely stay connected. Cheers! :-)

  2. do we have to deep fry it or shallow frying???/

    1. Hi Salma.
      These are quite huge patties as half an egg is enclosed within the potatoes. You can't hold it upright by it's side to fry the sides bcoz it's delicate from out n heavy (egg and chutney) from within hence the way to fry them is to ensure that the oil reaches half way up to the patties. That way you fry one side and when it browns you flip it to fry the other side and you're done frying the whole patties. I hope this helps. Thank you ever so much for visiting the blog! I hope you like what you see :-)