Monday, 6 October 2014

Lakeland lures Punekars... In wonderful way!

My write-up for Lakeland comes to you a bit delayed, but for a store as impressive as Lakeland, better late than never. I’m a home cook who loves to try new recipes. The more complex the recipe, the happier I am to try it. Knowing my passion for kitchen knives and all things culinary, a friend at a food forum on Facebook asked me if I had visited the newly opened Lakeland. I told him I hadn’t, and forgot all about the incident. A week later, on a visit to Phoenix Market City, I happened to pass the very store and I couldn’t resist the urge to peek in and check out the shelves. I ended up buying some lovely silicon basting brushes which had been on my ‘to-buy’ list for ever so long. Little did I know that a month later I would be invited by Roxanne Bamboat (The Tiny Taster) to the official launch of this very store. 

Roxanne hosting the event

Lakeland is a U.K based company that specializes in premium quality bake ware and cooking equipment. The store is a treasure trove of gadgets that make working in the kitchen that much more pleasurable. Egg poachers, salt, pepper and spice mills, chopping boards, glass jars, baking and roasting trays, recipe books, colorful tagines, chocolate molds, deco spoons, kitchen thermometers, waffle makers, sandwich makers, mixers, pasta makers, grinders, whisks and much more, are all available here. 

They stock both, small and big kitchen items, which are of utmost help in the kitchen and makes your time in the kitchen easy, and an absolute pleasure. They have electric cake pop and cupcake makers which enable you make the items without the use of an oven. The mini candy floss machine was an absolute delight and most of us tried our hand at making candy floss. Parents, your kids are going to love having this at their next birthday party. Take my word for it!

 Also at the launch was Chef Shahzad Variava (Dessert King) of Master Chef India, Season 2. He is patience and humility personified. He gave us a demo for icing and decorating cupcakes and cake pops. We all happily tried our hand at it and munched on the goodies we decorated.

Chef Shahzad Variava

Lakeland also carries a superb collection of kitchen knives and knife sets. It is a well known brand name which is why their products aren’t cheap but they aren’t unaffordable either. If cooking and baking is something that piques your interest then this is the store for you. It’s a store where there’s something for everyone. As a home cook and a hardcore food blogger I plan to return to this place time and time again for their goodies.

My beautiful new baby - Robert Welch Signature - Chef's Knife
Heartfelt thanks to Roxy (my tiny taster) and to Lakeland for hosting such a fun event for foodies and food bloggers.

Address: Ground floor, Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar, Pune.
Tel no: 020-66890364 / 020-66890365

The foodie trio

Rupika prettily poses with a cupcake decorated by her

Aditi smiles that gorgeous smile for the camera
Drool-worthy kitchenware

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