Friday, 13 February 2015

Sweets InBox... Let's get Sweeter...

Sweets InBox… Let’s get Sweeter…

This year, Valentine’s Day came in two days ahead of the 14th for me. It’s always a good day, no, make that a great day, when someone sends you a Valentine gift in advance. I take it as an indication of beautiful things to come. When Anu opened the door, to the ringing of the doorbell, there stood a man holding out a tastefully decorated basket of goodies from Sweets InBox.

Sweets InBox is a new company based out of Pune that delivers customized pre-packed food gifts and hampers. They have a variety of products ranging from chocolates, sugar free mithai, and baked goods like muffins, biscuits and brownies, and special namkeens. They courier gift hampers all over India. Abhinav Khandelwal, co-founder and director of Sweets InBox, says they plan to include more varieties to the present list. They focus on selecting quality items for their patrons. Gifting is done from the heart, thus opting for quality goodies for their customers makes a ton of sense to me. 

Assorted sugar free dryfruit mithai - Gajak - Namkeens - Chocolates 

They sent me a hamper filled with various sugar free dry fruit mithai, lip-smacking namkeens and gajak from Indore. The hamper also included a new variety of chocolates laced with Indian spices. In all honesty, I'm not someone who opts for sugar free mithai at any given time and this was the very first time I tried it. I was pleasantly surprised by how great they tasted, sans the extra calories. The gajak and namkeens were equally good and fresh. Everything in the hamper was put together with a lot of precision, effort and love: exactly what a person wants when they plan to send a gift.

Be it Valentine’s Day, Holi, Easter, Diwali or Christmas; do plan out a hamper from Sweets InBox for your loved ones. The festivities will only get sweeter. It makes a wonderful gift! Then again, why wait for a festival to shower your loved ones with a gift……

For more details, to view more hampers or to send customized hampers, please visit Sweets InBox 

The hamper came with a handwritten card. I loved the personal touch!


  1. Thanks Kainaaz for your kind words. :) :) :)

    1. My pleasure, Abhinav! It's a very good concept! Keep up the great work.