Sunday, 22 November 2015

ABC Farms Cheese Festival 2015 - A Cheesy Affair

People, who really know me, know I’m a ‘cheese’ person. My bestie and I, we could live on cheese. We attended the ABC Farms Cheese Festival 2015 last evening. Loved, absolutely loved, the cheese counter and the cheese dips/fondue counter. The people attending to the cheese counters were extremely helpful and friendly. That made the experience of trying the various cheeses, and buying it, a real pleasure. I did not enjoy the fruity cheeses but I ended up buying five varieties of other cheese (Black Pepper Boursin, Paprika Boursin, Young Cheddar, Jalapeno Cheese, Basil Edam Cheese) and two varieties of dips (Garlic Chives and Jalapeno Cheese). My bestie also bought some ‘stinky’ varieties for her husband.

I missed two of my all time favorite cheese as they weren’t at the cheese counter. I checked the ABC Farm menu to check if they manufactured them and it seems they don’t. The cheese I’m talking about is Brie and Camembert. I hope they add these to their list of cheese by this time next year for the 2016 Cheese Festival. That would make me a veryyyyy happy puppy. ;)

The event was very well organized, as always. They had various stalls for wine tasting too. I’m a teetotaler hence that section was not for me but a large number of people were sipping wine and having a wonderful time at the wine stalls. They had tons of stuff for children too. There were workshops, contests and much more for the kiddos to enjoy and participate in.

They gave out small wall calendars for the coming year (2016) with each of my bill. I doubt if any calendar will make it to the walls of their customer's homes,
hence through this review I send out a teeny-weeny suggestion to organizers and the owners. Instead of the calendar it would have been fantastic had they given out a small discount coupon with each bill. It could have been of any denomination, a mere 5% or 10%, maybe valid for a fortnight or max a month. After all who does not like a discount? That way, they increase their sales even after the festival is over, and, customers also feel that they got a little something extra. It may also help to sell leftover stock, if any, from the festival. It could result in a win-win situation for ABC Farms as well as the customers. I have to say, though, all in all it was a fun place to be at on a Saturday evening. 

I was having such a good time that I completely forgot to click photographs at the fest but when I got back home I did click a picture of the cheese I bought and that’s the one posted with this review.

The festival is on until 11 pm / 2300 hours tonight (Sunday, November 22, 2015) so if you haven’t visited it yet get going. You won’t regret it! Are you still home reading this? Get off your b*tt and head to ABC Farms. Now!! Have a wonderful cheesy day folks! :)

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  1. Would love to attend this festival once. Great suggestion of replacing calenders with a discount. Hope they'll take a note of this. Calenders have almost become a thing of the past now.