Monday, 1 August 2016

The Fat & The Sexy Chef – Burgers, Hot-dogs & more...

A tiny, new, one week old cafe was our destination this Sunday afternoon. The owner had been kind enough to extend an invite to the ‘Food Prowlers’ and so ‘The Fat & The Sexy Chef’ it was for all of us.

The cafe is small and compact with an open kitchen, two tables on the ground floor and three on the mezzanine. The owner and chef Ravi hails from South Africa and has more than 20 years of experience in this field of work.

They served us some amazing Barbeque Chicken Burgers, regular American style Chicken Burgers, Bratwurst hot-dogs, Currywurst hot-dogs and Russian Sausage hot-dogs. We also tried their Three Cheese Pizza, Chicken Overload Pizza, various types of waffles and banana fritters with Ice cream.

The bread used for all the burgers and dogs was soft and fresh. The chicken in both the burgers was not overcooked or dry. Also, the barbeque sauce for the Barbeque Chicken Burger was delicious! I, of course, got rid of the cucumber slices and the lettuce before putting the meaty delights in my mouth. (Do I even need to tell you guys why? :P )

The sausages used for the hot-dogs are the imported variety and the dogs are served with caramelized onions and jalapeno slices. The sausages by themselves were delicious but when partnered with those sweet caramelized onions and jalapenos they ran riot in my mouth in a wonderful kind of way. I’m going to be greedy and mention that I would have loved a more generous helping of those onions on my dogs. That was not just me; it was the general consensus around the table. Chef Ravi, I hope you are reading this. ;-)

Both the pizzas were freshly made. The Three Cheese Pizza was a tad bland for my taste but that’s what a Three Cheese Pizza is all about so this is more as an observation than a complaint. 

The Chicken Overload, though, was a carnivore’s dream come true. Loaded with various kinds of chicken and a spicy base sauce this pizza had the ‘oomph’ that I so look for in a dish.

We also tasted a couple of glasses of Fresh Lime Water and Iced Tea. They were well made but they both lacked one very vital element: Ice! These were served warm, at room temperature. I wish they had served them cold.

We finished the meal with various kinds of waffles: served with Honey, with Chocolate sauce, and with Chocolate sauce with Ice cream. We also tried waffles with Strawberry and Blue berry compote, again, served with Ice cream. The first batch of waffles that came to our table were not as crisp as we would have liked them to be as the waffle machine probably hadn’t heated enough. The waffles that came to the table after that, however, were all crisp. I personally prefer a lighter batter for waffles. These came across a tad doughy. The toppings were all delicious though, so if the doughy aspect of the waffle can be worked upon, these waffles would be a delectable treat. The banana fritters were made with sweet ripe bananas and the sweetness of the fruit fried in hot batter combined perfectly with the Ice cream served with it.

We were informed that the cafe does not use any preservatives or artificial colourings in their food. This ought to be music to the ears of people who are allergic to such products. The portions served are not stingy and having checked the menu I can say the cafe is a good ‘VFM’ place.

Chef Ravi, soon, plans to start an American style barbeque in the evenings. He also plans to introduce various other mains in the menu. I hope the chef also brings the famous Durban Bunny Chow to our city. In spite of the cafe being tiny, I feel this place has a lot of potential to grow into a bigger cafe as the food served is really good.

Address: 24 Ashwini Palace, Kedari Petrol Pump Lane, Wanowrie, Pune.
Tel: +91 9860793058

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