Monday, 5 September 2016

Culinary Radiance... revisited!!

I had ordered a Chicken Wellington from Sajjani Nair (aka Thesecretchef nextdoor) a few weeks back and half a kilo of meat loaf, last week.

The Wellington was absolutely spot on! The chicken was moist and the mushroom-onion duxelle was delicious, but what I loved most was that beautiful puff pastry in which the chicken was encased. It was golden, light and baked to perfection! I have to say Sajjani is a master at puff pastry! The sauce that accompanied the Wellington was also very nice but the Wellington, by itself, was so delicious that I simply did not feel the need to slather the sauce. 

Photograph courtesy : Sajjani Nair

A couple of days back Sajjani informed us on Facebook that she was making meatloaf this week. I’ll have you know, I am not a fan of meat loaf. I find it dry, hard and unpalatable. What I am a fan of, though, is Sajjani's culinary skills. My fingers sprung into action faster than Steven Segal breaking a villain's neck in an action scene. I immediately typed a message to her requesting the meatloaf. 

I laid my eyes and paws on it at around 9 PM. It looked anything but hard and dry. It looked juicy, moist and veryyyyy palatable. It brought out the glutton in me. :P Ideally, I would have loved to make some mash and creamed corn to go with it but I quickly toasted a couple of slices of bread, butter'd and cheese'd (no such term but go with the flow ;) ) them, cut a fat, juicy slice of the meatloaf, heated it in the microwave for 30 seconds, gently laid it on one bread slice with immense respect and adulation, covered it with the second slice of bread and took my first bite of the sandwich, the American way (they usually make gigantic sandwiches, stand over the sink and gobble them). It was everything a meatloaf ought to be. What my eyes had seen is exactly what my palate experienced. Sheer gastronomic pleasure! Need I say anything more! 

For once, no biscuits with evening 'Parsee choi' (Parsee tea) for this Bawi.

Roast beef with brown gravy, next?? Pretty please!! ;) :D

Sajjani, thank you ever so much, for the deliciousness and as you so aptly put it, the radiance! Your food truly shines!

P.S: I just could not wait to eat the sandwich last night hence did not click any photographs at the time, but, when I sliced the meatloaf for lunch the next afternoon, I did click a few photographs. They don’t do the meatloaf any justice but they’ll have to do.

For more radiance and deliciousness contact Sajjani Nair: +91 9960938121

To read more about Sajjani's culinary work please click on the given link: A Pie in hand (and in the mouth) is so much more comforting than one in the sky!

A few more photographs... 

Photograph courtesy : Sajjani Nair

My meatloaf sandwich drenched in rays of the evening sun

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