Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Baked & Wired – A Pizza (& Panna Cotta) Paradise!

Every few months our ‘gang of three’ merrily trot off for a long afternoon meal. This time, the place chosen for our luncheon was Baked & Wired. This is a small pizzeria opposite Nagarvala School at Kalyani Nagar. Once you reach Nagarvala School I suggest you slow down your vehicle or you just may miss it. The place is quite tiny. It’s actually a shop with a mezzanine floor that serves as a small restaurant. They also have a couple of tables placed outside. The place though tiny, serves the most amazing monster-sized pizzas: their largest being a 28 incher! They serve a chef’s special ‘pasta of the day’ as well and have some delectable desserts on their menu.

We began our meal with a cheesy Garlic Bread. They make their bread in-house and the quality of the loaf comes across at the very first bite. It was filled with bits of garlic and ample amount of stringy cheese. 

If I did not have my eyes on that pizza menu, I could have just made an entire meal of these babies. How many of them? Gosh, don’t ask! :P :D My bestie found the raw bits of garlic a tad too strong for her liking but my other friend and I, loved the robust flavour of garlic and felt it complemented the cheese and bread perfectly.

As only two of us were non-vegetarians we could not opt for the 28 inch monster pizza. We chose one 12 inch, half and half: Piggy Delight and Cajun Chicken and a Pepperoni 8 inch pizza. 

Our vegetarian friend tried their Deep Dish Mushroom Magic pizza with an add-on of onions and an 8 inch Roast Garlic and Onion pizza with an add-on of capsicum.

The Cajun Chicken and Piggy Delight, both, were delightfully delicious. Thin crust base which was smothered with yummy pizza sauce and topped with spicy chicken ham, bacon, pepperoni and a superb amount of cheese (thank you guys for not being stingy with the cheese). How can anything that has bacon and cheese not taste good? It was excellent! 

The Pepperoni pizza was a tad too salty. The Pepperoni (Baked & Wired uses an imported Italian variety) is salty, so is the cheese and since the pizza has no other toppings, the palate experiences a continuous hit of salt. A wee bit of a vegetarian topping over this pizza (onion, maybe) would help to balance the flavours.

I did try a bite from each of the vegetarian pizzas. The Roast Garlic and Onion was beautifully done, I could find no fault with it. As for the deep dish, it was more like a hard-crusted pie. The crust is quite hard, probably because it has to hold the fillings without breaking down. I would have preferred a lighter crust which was less hard, but still retained the capacity to hold its fillings. In addition, I felt the add-on of onion that my friend asked for marred the taste. This however, was not the fault of the restaurant. Some things should not be toyed with at first try. Would I order this again? Probably, yes, if they work to achieve a thinner crust.

We were quite stuffed by the time we finished the pizzas but nothing would deter us from trying the desserts. We did behave ourselves, though, and opted for only two, to be shared by the three of us. We chose the Flaky Apple Pie with Chantilly Cream and the Panna Cotta with Papaya Coulis and Toasted Desiccated Coconut.

The Panna Cotta and the Apple Pie were easily the very best I have ever had in the city of Pune.

The Panna Cotta merrily jiggled on the plate which made us very happy puppies. It was smooth and silken. The Papaya Coulis, though, was another thing altogether. The combination of the coulis and the Panna Cotta just did not work. The beautiful golden coloured coulis that humbly lay at the feet of that royal Panna Cotta did not do justice to it. I do know that combination is the signature of the restaurant, but, where the Papaya Coulis is concerned, I’m sorry, Team Baked & Wired, the signature was a forgery; the cheque bounced. Feel free to retain the Papaya Coulis but for those patrons, who feel this combination does not work, do give us an option of another sauce. Any berry coulis (raspberry, strawberry, blue berry – real fruit please, not the synthetic one made from a jam bottle) will do just fine. The dessert in entirety could have gotten a standing ovation from us had the coulis been different. But, I will still give that jiggly Panna Cotta a veryyyyyy well deserved 10/10!

As for the Apple Pie, the pastry crust was the lightest and flakiest I have ever had and the cinnamon-y apple filling within was to die for. The Chantilly Cream served with the Apple Pie, was delish but the Pie, by itself, was so perfectly made that it could have done without the Chantilly Cream and yet been a success on the plate and palate. (Team Baked & Wired, please retain the Chantilly Cream; I’m merely trying to convey to the readers the perfectness of that pie.)

If ever there is a dessert heaven on earth, this would be it! Sigh!! Team Baked & Wired, please, please, do not, EVER, alter the recipe of that Panna Cotta and the Apple Pie. They are ‘winners’ in every sense of the word.

My friends tried a cup of Latte each. I’m not really a ‘coffee person’ but I took a sip of the coffee, made an ‘urgghh’ face and left it at that. Both the coffee aficionados, however, sipped away with a smile.

The only thing that I need to bitch about is that the only drinks they serve are Thums up and coffee. Due to space restraints they do not stock any other beverage. They definitely need to have a better variety of drinks made available to their customers.

Someday I hope to go there with a bigger gang of friends so as to lay my eyes and my greedy paws on that monstrosity (the 28 incher). :D Until then, sweet dreams of that cheesy bacon-ham pizza, the Panna Cotta and that Apple Pie will have to suffice.

Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 3/5

Address: Shop No 3, Saniara Apartments, Opposite Nagarvala School, Kalyani Nagar, Pune 411 014
Tel: +91 8055394394

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