Thursday, 30 March 2017

Peppercorn - The Home Chef - The Babumoshai’s Biryani that tugs at my Foodie Soul...

A few weeks ago, a home chef (Anubhav Sen of Peppercorn - The Home Chef) had sent me a pot of Mutton Dum Biryani and some Chicken Chaanps. The biryani and the chaanps were delicious which is why, this year, when I decided to go the lazy route for Navroze I knew exactly who I was going to order from.

This time around, instead of Chicken Chaanp, I decided to order Mutton Mince Chops and same Mutton Dum Biryani I had the last time. I just could not get enough of that deliciousness.

This is a Bengali style dum biryani with potatoes (Yayyyyy to that because a biryani to me is never complete without potatoes – Blame it on the Bawi in me :P ) When I opened the biryani pateela (vessel), its fragrance wafted out and filled my home with enticing aromas. The texture of the mutton and rice was spot on! Those heavenly potatoes had absorbed the flavour of the biryani and were so delicious! They tasted so darn good even when I had a bite of them without the biryani rice and mutton. The biryani was neither dry and nor too greasy. The spices/masala was not excessive and overpowering. I’ll have you know; I am not a big fan of biryani and rarely drool over them. I, very occasionally, enjoy it at a couple of restaurants and from the kitchens of certain home chefs/caterers. This one, however, makes me go weak in the knees. Yes, I’m still talking of the biryani, not Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan. (Angelic grin) This biryani is to be bowed to and revered!

I did not want a gravy based dish hence, instead of Chicken Chaanp, I ordered the Mutton Mince Chops. A beautiful crumbed exterior encased the soft, delicious, mutton mince within. The mince was beautifully piquant. A few sultanas, almonds and cashews were added to the spicy mince. The sultanas delivered a light and intermittent hint of sweetness while the almonds and cashews lent that wee bit of crunch factor to the chops. This was another winner!

Knowing it was a Navroze meal for the family, Anubhav, thoughtfully, brought us a box of Rosgullas. I couldn’t have asked for a better Navroze meal! Thanks Anubhav, your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated!

Anubhav Sen aka Peppercorn Chef has a small menu to choose from but his food clearly indicates that he knows his genre very well. The next time you decide to order Bengali food, especially Bengali style biryani, do give this Bong Biryani Babumoshai a try. You’ll be licking your fingers clean! :)

Anubhav can be contacted on: +91 7378386637 / +91 9730115725

Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5 (with a smile and lots of food talks)
Ambiance: NA (home chef)

Note: This was not a tasting; this was an order placed with Peppercorn Chef hence there was no way to control the greedy gang at home. They allowed me to only take photographs of the mutton chops. I’m using the old photographs for the biryani as the one I managed to click is so terribly hazy that I dare not put it up. 

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