Friday, 15 December 2017

Want To Try Some Awesome Dal Pakwan??

Mum has been associated with a Sindhi organization for nearly half a century hence the craving for Dal Pakwan set in a few days back. Mum has always had Dal Pakwan made by friends who are excellent cooks which is why she did not want to eat the commercially made stuff. It was time to find a home chef who cooked as well as her friends. I reached out to my foodie friends for recommendations. The name that popped out was Babita Kariya. I placed my order and, but of course, I did not merely call for Dal Pakwan, I ordered a few other things too.

My order was 4 Dal Pakwans (Rs 50 per plate), 2 extra Pakwans (Rs 12 each), 3 Onion Koki (Rs 15 per piece) and 3 Ghee Theplas (Rs 10 each).

Each plate of Dal Pakwan consisted of dal filled to the brim in a 250 ml container and 2 pakwans. I thought for the amount paid it was adequate. The dal was cooked as well as the home-cooked ones I’ve had before. The jeera and chili powder tadka was what I was searching for and I found that subtle tempering in each plate of dal! 

The pakwans were packed in pairs, in cling film and retained their freshness for two days. Yes, I munched on the extra pakwans the next day while watching a movie. The pakwans were fried but were not overly greasy. I had requested Babita to give me extra chutneys (garlic and meethi gur-imli). She did charge me extra for the extra chutneys and I was perfectly okay with that.

The Methi Theplas were very toothsome, as were the Onion Koki. I had Koki after years and I cannot begin to tell you how ‘mast’ it felt to have such a good one after so long. Both the items went on to be a fabulous accompaniment to our evening ‘choi’ (we Parsi’s say choi instead of chai).

The order was executed on time and in a very professional manner. I did have to travel to Salisbury Park to pick it up as Babita does not home deliver but the food was so darn delicious that I’d travel for it all over again! Yes, we definitely plan to reorder and also try out other dishes from her menu.

Babita, thank you ever so much for the excellent meal, more so because it made my parents very, very happy. Do retain the professionalism along with your friendliness, it’s a great combination. I truly look forward to ordering from you again. 

To order call Babita: +91 9604069580
Facebook page: Kiran's Foodie Paradise

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