Saturday, 18 April 2015

Chinese Room… Memories of food - from an era gone by…

Chinese Room - Memories of food - from an era gone by…

My first visit to Chinese Room was at the one in Kemps Corner, Mumbai. I was barely three or four years old at the time. The restaurant holds special memories because, back then, every festive occasion included a visit to Chinese Room. 

I had also been to their Pune branch, at East Street, eons ago. I recently got an opportunity to visit this restaurant, twice. I missed out on writing the review when I visited the restaurant a few months back. I did not want to miss out on penning the review this time. I’m writing a combined review for both my visits to this restaurant. 

For my first visit, a few months ago, we had Sweet Corn Crab Soup, Manchow soup (or was it Hot & Sour?? Umm.. ummmmm.. Nope, cannot recollect.) Our mains were Chili Sesame Prawn, Sweet & Sour Prawns (for me), Sweet & Sour Pork (for my friends) and Chicken Fried Rice. My friends also ordered another pork dish, the name of which I (again) do not remember because I do not eat pork. The Sweet and Sour Prawns brought back wonderful memories because as a kid it was the only dish I would eat. Verdict for this meal: It was a very good lunch! Every dish was well made and none of us had any complaints. 

I revisited the restaurant a couple of days ago. This time, we opted for Sweet Corn Chicken Soup, Crispy Spinach with Chicken and Shanghai Prawns Dry. The soup was perfect, as were both the other dishes. The prawns were perfectly cooked! Not overcooked and rubbery. We wanted to share a dessert (Chocolate Mousse) but unfortunately, it wasn’t available.

This is a restaurant that serves good food. It is also value for money because the quantity is just as good as the quality. The servers are attentive and polite and at no time was my glass of water empty.  I give huge, huge brownie points for that. Will I visit them again?? Definitely! 

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5 

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