Friday, 10 July 2015

At the right Place!

At the right Place!

Finally, after over three months of being cooped up at home, all thanks to a silly meniscal tear in my knee, I finally trotted out to finish bank work, shop a wee bit and catch up with Priyadarshini (Priyus) for a long delayed, continuously postponed, luncheon.  We decided to eat at The Place - Touché The Sizzler.

We were gabbing and sipping our Fresh Lime Soda when the server brought us Garlic Mushrooms. How could we not order that? The mushrooms were fried to a perfect golden brown and were crisp. As usual, they were served with that delicious garlic sauce. Absolutely no complaints there! They have well and truly perfected this recipe and I am seriously contemplating bribing the oldest server there to steal the recipe of that garlic sauce for me. :D

I had the Steak Special sizzler. I requested the server to substitute chicken for ham and he readily agreed to do that. I’m a hardcore carnivore and a Bawi at that. I like to see a hint of pink in my steak hence had asked for medium rare steak. Unfortunately, by the time the meat reached my table it was at a point where it had just begun to turn to medium, luckily not too much. *Ah! There is definitely a God up there – I hate overcooked steaks* The glutton in me was quite a happy puppy. Taste wise, it wasn’t bad at all. It was quite juicy and tender. 

Okay, I’m the one who perpetually yells at this forum about the terrible fries served at The Place - Touché The Sizzler. Sometimes they’re soggy and sometimes re-fried. This time the disclaimer (on their new menu) about potatoes not being of good quality hence the request with patrons to make do with the quality of fries was ‘gayab’ - *BIG smile from me* The fries weren’t bad, either. They weren’t fabulous but compared to what they used to serve, there was a vast difference in quality. Honestly, I have to grant them that.

Priyus, ordered for a vegetarian sizzler. Plat Grimaldi (without paneer) and plain rice substituted with fried rice. Again, the server informed us it would be done. Priyus seemed to be happy with her sizzler. I cannot tell you how it was coz I have no friggin’ clue. You won’t ever catch me having a vegetarian sizzler. The Bawi in me would much rather wither away and die. :P :D

By the time we finished our sizzlers we were quite stuffed hence decided to share a Caramel Custard. Actually, Priyus decided to have the Custard and I decided to flick a spoonful (or two) of it. ;) It was velvety on the tongue with no egg-y smell. I can describe it in one word.. Perfect!

Gabbed with a kind hearted friend, ate good food, got a new Mathew Reilly book as a gift, shopped for odds and ends including Brie and Camembert (sigh!), finally ended the day with a take away from Imamdi (Iftar ka khana for dinner). As a foodie and an avid book reader, I couldn’t have had a better day. :-))

Damages 1400/-

Service: 4.5/5
Food: 3.75/5
Ambience: 3/5

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