Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Eddie’s Kitchen… Total VFM!

Eddie’s Kitchen… Total VFM!

Some places have wonderful memories attached to them. I remember going to this small Chinese restaurant way back in the 90’s. However, it was shut down for a long time and opened under new management a few of years ago. Since it reopened, I have been to this restaurant umpteen number of times and the food has never been disappointing.

Piping hot starters at Eddie’s Kitchen is comfort food for me. After hassled trips to the bank or after a bout of crazy shopping, the place I usually head to is Eddie’s Kitchen. It’s simplistic in décor, simplistic in crockery and cutlery but what it can surely boast of is extremely polite servers and excellent starters. I usually, only, have the starters at Eddie’s. I have a big weakness for the starters listed on their menu and usually end up having just that, which is precisely why I’m only reviewing their starters.

It had been drizzling all of yesterday when I had gone shopping with a very sweet school friend (house guest) from ‘Kaneda’ (read: Canada :P ). We had been peeking into shops around Pune City for stuff like Ganesha murtis, temple bells (sigh!) , cotton Puneri sarees (double sigh!), Laxmi Narayan Chiwda et more. After gallivanting all over Pune, all I wanted to do was plunk myself on a chair and have some hot, spicy starters.

Singapore Black Pepper Prawns

 As we walked into Eddie’s Kitchen my friend’s face kinda dropped a tad bit wondering why I had brought her to such a simple joint when she knew I could well have taken her to a restaurant with better ambiance. As I mentioned earlier, Eddie’s has virtually no ambiance. My friend had that glazed look on her face and if I could read her thoughts I have a sneaky feeling she would be telling herself, ‘why this restaurant’?

Indonesian Sam Bal Prawns

We moaned and sat ourselves down. Okay, let me rephrase that. I moaned as I placed my backside on the chair. I was totally pooped! Shopping the way she did, is just not my forte. *a fagged out triple sigh!* My friend asked me to order and knowing she loved porns (kya kahu, Rakhi Sawant ki hawa lagi hai :D ) as much as I did, I ordered my all time favorites. Indonesian Sam Bal Prawns, Singapore Black Pepper Prawns, Butter Garlic Prawns and Chicken Lollipops.

Chicken Lollipops

While my friend still sat with a glazed, ‘mein yaha kaise aa gayi’ type of look, the server brought us our first dish, Singapore Black Pepper Prawns. I watched my friends face as she took the first morsel because I knew exactly what I was going to see. That glazed look suddenly turned into a satisfying grin. The typical foodie grin that now gave an indication of having understood why I had brought her to Eddie’s. The prawns were perfectly cooked. That’s always a big reason to mark an A+. The rest of the dishes followed and each one was made to perfection, as always. It felt great to see her grin through the meal and opt for seconds when offered.

Butter Garlic Prawns

I go to Eddie’s Kitchen time and time again and come away a happy puppy. As long as they continue to serve these awesome starters, it is one restaurant I shall be happy to patronize and recommend. Total damages for 4 dishes plus a cold drink was 970. Total VFM!

Ambiance: Chalta hai, khane par dhyan do yaar ;)
Service: 4/5 attentive and polite servers
Food: 4.5/5

1, Shirin Apartments

928, Opp Geeta Society,
Synagogue Street,
Camp, Pune 411 001.

Tel: 020 - 26135204 / 020 - 64169210

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