Saturday, 12 March 2016

Good Eats.. Indeed!

I received a pouch of miniature and two large Easter eggs a couple of days ago. The couple (Tessy and Nicky Picardo) who makes them requested an honest feedback and review. I couldn’t refuse. (Only a fool would refuse chocolates and I’m no fool. :-)) 

Tessy has been making goodies for Easter and Christmas for the past twelve years. The name she goes by is Good Eats by Tessy. When she began making Easter eggs she started out with 12 flavors. She now has 21 on offer. During Christmas she makes Guava Cheese, Plum cakes, Kulkuls and other goodies too. 

The miniature Easter eggs were in a variety of flavors; rum & raisin, pistachio, roasted almond, cherry brandy, amaretto, marzipan, orange, nutty nougat and many more. The large eggs (nearly the size of duck eggs), any of the 21 flavors, are sold at 125 each while the miniatures (assorted) are sold at 1800 per kilo. There are approximately 60 pieces to a kilo of these yummy babies. They also sell miniature eggs by individual flavor. The price for each (per kilo) then differs depending on the flavor. 

I consider myself a chocolate snob, if there ever is such a thing. (naughty grin) There are chocolates from Belgium chocolatiers which I would not touch with a barge pole, nor would I have them even if they were being given out free. These Easter eggs are made from imported Belgium chocolate and are truly worth their price. The chocolate used is of the finest quality and that fact dawns on you as soon as you pop the first egg in your mouth. From all the home-made chocolates that I have had, these, truly, have been the finest by far. The Cherry Brandy, Rum & Raisin, Amaretto, Marzipan, Roasted Almond, Pistachio and Orange were my favorite flavors. The Date & Walnut and the Peanut Butter didn’t do much for me but then that could be because those just aren’t my kind of flavors. If you happen to love peanut butter or dates they just could turn out to be your favorite. 

As I come to the end of this review, I leisurely pop another marzipan egg into my mouth. Please don’t give me disapproving looks for being greedy. :P If you try these babies, rest assured, you will be doing the same when penning your review of these chocolate eggs. Do give them a try: you won’t be disappointed.

To order please call Tessy or Nikky:  +91 9822508187
Address: Nikky Picardo, 2 Aden Villa, Lane opp Mahesh Lunch Home, Pune.

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