Monday, 25 April 2016

Tea-Time Treats!

Each community has their own version of snacks usually served with evening tea. We Bawas love butter biscuits with our ‘choi’ (chai) but we also have certain snacks which are served with tea, mostly with evening tea. This time I decided to buy a different variety of tea-time goodies. In all honesty, I don’t know if these are usually served as tea-time snacks but that’s what they were for my family and me.

Having grown up in Maharashtra, I am rather familiar with Maharashtrian snacks. Years ago I had tasted Chirote (a light, flaky, sugary snack) at a friend’s house and loved them. Another delicacy, Satorye (small maida chapatti filled with sweet khoya/mawa) is something I usually buy from Chitale Bandhu, Pune. Hence, when I read so many reviews about Chirote and Satorye made by Girija, the foodie in me simply had to try them.

When I placed my order, Girija informed me that she would deliver the order the day after as she preferred to send fresh eatables to her clients. Having heard that, I was only too happy to wait. We coincided the time on the day of delivery and finally met up at Dorabjee’s. When I got back home, I immediately attacked the Satorye and the Chirote and each bite had me going ‘ummmm’. The Satorye and the Chirote were melt-in-the mouth delights. Absolutely SUPERB! Even Grumpy Tomcat (hubby) who happens to be extremely staunch in his likes and dislikes gave both, the Satorye and the Chirote, a BIG thumbs up. That truly says a lot! I can’t begin to describe how delicious they were and how gluttonous I felt after having devoured all the packets.

Girija, my girl, take a bow! Rest assured I shall be ordering the Satorye and the Chirote real soon. (I must also mention that it was a real pleasure meeting you.)

Do give these a try, you will definitely be asking for more. 
Girija can be contacted on +91 9823440772. 

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