Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Summer Refresher

This home made and preservative free, organic Chandan-Kesar-Elaichi sherbet is made by Sabita Aina. It's an old recipe brought down from Sindh. The recipe was first made by her grandfather, decades ago. She sent me a bottle, through my bestie, for me to try and I was extremely apprehensive as I’m not a fan of elaichi and I thought adding chandan to a drink seemed very weird. Oh boy was I wrong or was I wrong! I tried the drink in milk and liked it. I tried the drink and water and liked it. I tried the drink in fizzy soda and I LOVED IT! There’s nothing quite as refreshing in the summer months than something that makes you feel refreshed. For the drink in milk and water I’d give it an 8/10 but in soda, it's a full on 10/10. And on that note I’m off to the kitchen to make myself a tall chilled glass of sherbet. Cheers! ;-) :-)

Oh yes, I bought two more bottles after I polished off the sample bottle. ;-)

To place your order please contact Sabita Aina on +919765964572

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