Saturday, 11 June 2016

A Pie in hand (and in the mouth) is so much more comforting than one in the sky!

Sajjani Nair aka The Secret Chef informed us on a social media portal that she was taking orders for Chicken Pie and Mushroom Pie. My eyes lit up at the thought of biting into a slice of pie. 
Chicken-Mushroom is a combination that happens to be my favorite. I sneaked into the inbox and asked the lady whether she would consider making a Chicken-Mushroom combo pie for me. My heart gaily went bumpity-bump when she said she could definitely manage that.
Step 1 – Successful! :-)

I was supposed to collect my order from a prearranged spot at around 1730 hours but a very sweet soul (Priyadarshini) was picking up her order from Sajjani and offered to pick up mine and deliver it to me.
Step 2 – Sorted! :-) *Heartfelt thanks, luv*

I received the pie by 12 noon and when I held it, it was still warm to touch. That told me it hadn’t been out from the oven very long. I wanted to dive right in but angelically restrained myself and took photographs of the pie.
Step 3 – Finito! Finally, I could eat! :D *happy-greedy grin*

I cut into the pie and the first cut told me everything I needed to know about the crust. I cut a slice for myself and for Anu. At the very first bite we both, in unison, went, ‘ummmm’. The Crust was perfect! It was flaky, light and perfectly seasoned. I say perfectly seasoned because I’m the wacko who, at times, likes to check out each element of the dish separately. The pie filling was creamy and deeeeelicious! In ten minutes we polished off half the pie. It took us another 10 minutes to polish off the other half with evening choi (Parsee tea).
Step 4 – Full and final – Kallaas! 

Sajjani, it was one of the best pies I have had in a long, long, long time. Thank you ever so much for sharing the radiance and the deliciousness!

Note from my ‘devilish’ side: Must remember one pie does not suffice for bhukkads like me! *evil grin*
Reply note from my angelic side: Kainaaz, behave and keep the weighing scale in mind. *My angelic side is an effin’ kill-joy* :P

For more radiance and deliciousness contact Sajjani : +91 9960938121

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