Friday, 9 December 2016

Baramati Thali - Bajao taali!

This small eatery is located in the tiny lane known as Taboot Street (Camp). It’s been at this location for nearly three years but for some reason I never noticed it. Recently, a Facebook friend happened to visit it. He raved about the food served which is why I simply had to give it a try.

Baramati Thali is a small restaurant with barely 7 to 8 tables. It’s very basic in appearance; I’d term it as a ‘no ambiance’ restaurant, but the food they serve is simply amazing!

On my first visit we ordered the Fish Fry, mutton thali and the chicken thali. The fish they serve is fresh river water fish. The flesh of river fish is way sweeter than that of the regular sea fish like Surmai, Rawas, etc. This was the first time I chose to give river water fish a try as until now, because it tends to be bony, I had avoided eating it. Ask me now if I will have it again and you will see me give a vigorous ‘yes’ nod. Fried to a perfect crisp with that sweet flesh within, it was one of the best fish I’ve ever had. Each slice is priced at a very reasonable rate of 30 bucks. It simply does not get any better than this, right?? ;)

The mutton thali comprised of a bowl of mince, a bigger bowl of mutton rassa (rassa: gravy), 2 chapattis and a bowl of rice. The portion size is ideal for one person. The mince and the rassa, were delicious and they each had its own distinct flavour.  The rice was the simple variety (not long grain) but then I’m not the fussy sort when it comes to small eateries such as this where flavour is king!

The chicken thali was delicious, too, but I preferred the more robust flavoured mutton thali. I say this because I am comparing the two. Had I only opted for the chicken thali, rest assured, I would be singing its praises as vociferously.

I loved the food so much that three days later I was back at their table. (I’m not at all ashamed of my gluttony because I have a sneaky feeling you will be doing the same) This time I opted for the Paya thali and, of course, I ordered that beautiful slice of fried fish. The Paya thali comprised of a bowl of Paya with rassa, two chapattis and a bowl of rice. As I was craving to have the mince, I requested a bowl of the same to be served with the Paya thali. The mince was just as savoury as it had been the first time; and the fish just as dazzling on my palate as it had been three days ago. The Paya rassa was yum! The Paya were cooked to perfection and to perfect consistency. Not one piece of the Paya was undercooked or over cooked. Having cooked Paya at home for many, many years the home cook in me was abound with joy at being fed such perfect Paya.

If you are game to visit a small but clean, no ambiance restaurant, please do give this eatery a try. The food they serve is slightly on the spicy side (No, I’m not complaining, I love spicy food) but it is simply delicious! The chapattis served are soft and fresh. The meats are cooked to perfection. They also serve a variety of vegetarian dishes which, of course, I did not try. Now why would the carnivore in me do that when I have meat to feast on? :D

They do not have any desserts on their menu but they do serve a variety of cold drinks and bottled water. The bottled water (RS 20 – 1 litre) is priced at actual if I’m not mistaken.

The owner Syed ji is friendly without being intrusive and always keeps an eye on the tables to ensure each patron leaves happy and satiated! Restaurants such as this, the ‘no frills’ kind, serve such honest and wholesome food that they totally satisfy this foodies soul. This place is definitely worth MANY, MANY visits!

Food: 5/5
Ambiance: abey bola na ‘no ambiance’
Service: 5/5

Address: 686 Taboot Street, Camp, Pune 411 001
Tel: 020 26139181

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