Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas Radiance – Christmas Gratitude!

You have heard me sing praises about her food. I have, over the past months, ordered food from her many times. Today, though, was special. Today I was sharing the Christmas table with mum and dad. We are a family that loves pork hence I knew exactly what I wanted to order. I knew what would bring a smile to mum and dad’s face.

I knew Sajjani, aka The Secret Chef Nextdoor, would be heavily booked for the festive season hence placed my order for our Christmas dinner a couple of months in advance. Yes, you read right; a couple of months in advance. Barbeque Pork, Sliced Leg of Ham, Chicken and Mushroom Pies were the order of the day. To complement the dishes, I served them with homemade buttery-peppery mash, some sweet-tangy barbeque onions and kernels of golden corn.

I have ordered various dishes from this talented lady many times and, I cannot say it often enough, she excels at what she whips up in her kitchen. She respects the produce she uses and that comes across at first bite. The Barbeque Pork was sticky and charred just right. (The edges may look dark in the photograph but it was a perfect barbeque char). The Sliced Leg of Ham is something dad went ga-ga over. Mum and I exchanged sly smiles because dad, the quiet one, rarely makes a mention of anything. The Pies were superbly savoury; perfect as always. There was just one difference, though. Usually, when I like a dish I am the one making ‘orgasmic ummmm’ noises at the dining table; this time the Barbeque Pork had mum do the very same thing. Just in case you are wondering, there were no weird noises coming from dad's side of the table; dad is pretty well behaved. In our family, we ladies are the boisterous lot. *evil grin*

I have no clue whether Sajjani is is taking orders for New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day but, if she is, do not let go of the opportunity to order from her. I promise you won’t be disappointed and yes, you may thank me later. ;) :D

Sajjani can be contacted on +91 9960938121.

Sajjani, you have brought countless satisfied smiles to my face; and satisfied sighs to my ‘foodie’ soul but today you did the same for two people who mean the world to me (touch wood) and I cannot thank you enough. Mum and dad were in ‘pork paradise’ and they loved those pies, too. Thank you ever, ever so much for the Christmas Radiance! <3 

P.S: Posting some more photographs. All these dishes (names mentioned on each photograph) come under the ‘must try’ category. These are dishes I ordered (and ate greedily) but failed to write a review for; reason being... sometimes I tend to procrastinate! *very sheepish grin* 

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