Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Tiranga Biryani House - Reviewed

Tiranga specializes in Maharashtrian cuisine and has been a part of the city food scene for many years. Team #Food Prowl was invited for a tasting and the food prowlers trudged to Kothud on a Saturday afternoon. The restaurant though unassuming, is clean and also has a small air-conditioned section that one can opt to sit in.

As soon as we settled in our seats, we were offered drinks and we chose fresh lime sodas to beat the summer heat. After our drinks, we were served a starter; Sukka Chicken, a dish that had us licking our fingers clean. Spicy and yum!

The main course consisted of Mutton Masala Fry, Bheja Fry and Mutton Ukkad; all served with a basket of freshly made chapattis and bhakris. 

The gravies of both, the Mutton Masala Fry and the Bheja Fry, were typically Maharastrian and steered towards the spicy side. The Bheja Fry and the Mutton Ukkad were delish but the Mutton Masala could have been better. It lacked the robustness of a well made mutton dish which is vital to a tasty mutton gravy. 

We also tried the Tiranga Dum Biryani. Though they call it a ‘dum biryani’ this biryani is not the regular kind. It is a biryani typical to this restaurant only. The meat for the biryani was succulent and I could find no fault in the flavour and aroma of the rice. Overall, it was a very decent biryani and the accompanying rassa complemented it well.

For dessert we opted for malai and pista kulfis. I usually prefer malai over pista but in this case the pista was way better than the malai one.

Please don’t expect gourmet plating at Tiranga but yes, overall, they serve wholesome Maharashtrian fare.

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