Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Falahaar - A Short (Fatafat) Review

A school friend is visiting and she was unsure of what she wanted to eat (veg at that; rolls eyes) hence we decided to walk down to ‘Khau Gaali’ near Gangadham, at Lulla Nagar. At the ‘Khau Gaali’ we stopped at Falahaar to eat....

1. Butter Pau Bhaji.. Delicious and loaded with butter; just the way I like it. I only wish they had served it hot. It was served at a temperature somewhere between hot and warm. That's the best i can describe it. Had it been piping hot it would have merited a 5 on 5.

2. Mango Blast: Having heard mixed reviews, I warned the server about the same and requested that he serve me the Mango Blast only if it was made with good mangoes.... IT WAS! This was my first Mango Blast of the season and a very good one at that. I could barely move by the time i polished off the darn glass. Sigh! #TouchwoodTheGoodLife!

Ratings based only on today's visit:

Food: 4/5
Service 1.5/5
Ambience: Ab Falahaar mein bhi ambience chahiye tum sab ko?? Bas kya?? :P :D 

P.S: Sorry, I could click no photographs of the pau bhaji; we were very hungry and had we not eaten the pau bhaji immediately that 'hungry' mode would've turned to 'hangry'. Also, please forgive the terrible Mango Blast photograph; we were seated at a bad angle in regard to lighting.

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