Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Bagban... Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya!!

When a Bawi (Parsee) sees Bheja Fry on a food forum post, at Facebook, the craving gets so darn bad that she has to have it for her very next meal.

When my buddy said, ‘ghar aa raha hu, khana kya khaogi?, I knew exactly what I wanted to eat, and from where. I requested him to pick up Bheja Fry and Butter Naan for me from Bagban. As he does not eat Bheja (except mine :D ) he got Mutton Tawa Boti and Mughal Roti for himself.

The Bheja Fry was a tad too yellow, but delicious! A bit more ‘fry’ on the bheja would have made it even better. They also need to go a bit easy on the turmeric powder. It felt as if the chef at Bagban had been possessed by Keith Floyd. (Those of you who have ever watched Keith Floyd cook on TV will know exactly what I’m talking about – evil grin - He usually pronounced 'turmeric' as 'toomeric', probably because he used too much of it) The Mutton Tawa Boti was also superb, but veryyyyy spicy. Luckily, we both love spicy food. Yes, I did flick 2-3 teeny-weeny botis from his plate. How else could I write about it. ;)

The Butter Naan was soft and buttery. No complaints there but they have a board at the restaurant that says something to the effect of, ‘Try our special Mughal Roti’. We did, but the Mughal Roti was a simple Tandoori Roti sprinkled with sesame seeds. It’s just a shade softer than the regular Tandoori Roti. No great shakes. I’ll take my Butter Naan over it any day.

P.S: The photograph is very badly clicked; in incorrect light. I did not bother to switch on the correct lights to get the shots as we were very hungry. Took one random photo and attacked the food hence please excuse the shoddy click.

For this meal:

Food: 4/5
Service: NA as the food was parcelled home
Ambiance: NA as the food was parcelled home


Bagban - Part 2

No, no, the Chopra’s are not making a sequel to their first movie. But chali chali phir chali chali.. Non-veg khane ke ishq ki hawa chali.. sans The Bachchan. :P *My friend, Priyadarshini, is going to slaughter me; she 'lurrves' The Bachchan*

Consider my food review scene fast forwarded to Day 2.

Having ordered Bheja Fry and Mutton Tawa Boti, niggling at my mind, the next day, was another dish I had seen mention at the Bagban post by the same friend. Torturer!! :P :D The dish I was craving: Kaleji Fry.

This time my buddy and I ordered Kaleji Fry and Kheema Fry. The Kaleji Fry was a combination of kaleji and gurda (liver and kidney). I love organ meat hence at the dinner table sat a very happy Bawi! The Kaleji Fry was on the spicy side (thank God) and cooked just right. As for the Kheema Fry, the chef had again gone a tad crazy with the ‘toomeric’ (read: turmeric) but not as much as he had with the Bheja Fry. As for taste, the Kheema Fry was really good but, I have to admit, I have had better. Also, you cannot miss out on potatoes and eggs and expect a Bawi to be happy. I would have loved a garnish of fried potato chips and wedges of boiled eggs with the Kheema Fry.

As this Bawi and her ‘Ardho (half) Bawa’ buddy were craving Brun Pau, we chose not to order any Rotis. Brun Pau it was from Imperial Bakery, Poolgate, Camp. The best Brun Pau, ever! These are the wonderful, hard Brun that, when cut, do not crumble and make your kitchen counter seem like a bomb explosion site. Brought these babies home, cut each of them into four and warmed them in an oven at dinner time. Perfect oven-fresh Brun Pau was ready to be served with Kaleji Fry and Kheema Fry! Sinful! 

Sorry, I’ve used the same bowls as last time for the ‘photographic quickie’. I promise to use different crockery next time. ;-) 

For this meal:

Food: 4/5
Service: NA as the food was parcelled home
Ambiance: NA as the food was parcelled home

Address: Opposite Victory Theater, East Street, Camp, Pune.
Tel: 020 64001174 / 020 26362233

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