Monday, 16 January 2017

Effingut Brewerkz... Deliciousness Defined!

One afternoon, on mum and dad’s recent, semi-annual, visit to Pune, we decided to visit Effingut Brewerkz. Mum and dad had heard me rave about the place (rightly so) and were very eager to give it a try.

Dad tried the craft beer samplers and opted for a Trus Brust IPA. I’m not into beers, hence I have no clue what the particular blend means but I did see dad contently sip on his brew. 

The three ladies in tow (yours truly included), opted for a mocktail. Having had this mocktail umpteen times (it happens to be my favourite), when the two ladies asked for recommendations, I immediately suggested April Lady. It’s a blend of mango juice, coconut syrup and vanilla ice cream. I’m a diehard fan of this drink and now mum and Anu, join the same fan club. It’s just delish!

For starters we ordered, Singapore Black Pepper Prawns, Mustard Prawns, Potato Corn in Honey Chilli Sauce, Prawn Tempura, Fungi Agli Olio, Potato Wedges, Jalapeno Cheese Crackers and Fish Mahi Tikka. Most of these dishes are repeats that I absolutely love and have already reviewed them earlier. I wanted mum and dad to try those dishes hence re-ordered them. To cut a long write up short and to do justice to the food served, I will say, they were all made to perfection (AS ALWAYS) and did not disappoint at all! 

Only two dishes from the ‘starters menu’ were new to me: Fungi Adli Olio and the Fish Mahi Tikka. Both the dishes were superb! The Fungi Agli Olio was mushrooms in a delicious creamy sauce, served with Garlic Bread. It was a superlative dish!! The Fish Mahi Tikka was delectably delicate in flavour. Absolutely yum! All starters were a perfect 10/10.

Having eaten so many starters we chose to limit our main course to three dishes. We ordered, Pork Ribs, Kari Kapitan Prawns and Indonesian Grilled Fish.

The Prawn Kari Kapitan was prawns cooked in a superb coconut flavoured curry. For dad, this was the dish of the day. He loves the flavour of coconut and according to him, the flavour came through wonderfully. I have to agree: it did! 

The Indonesian Grilled Fish was also a beautiful dish. This fish was subtle in flavour and the Indonesian curry slathered over it was equally nuanced in taste. It showcased the fish flawlessly!

I had requested the server to ensure that the Pork Ribs be served in ‘fall off the bone’ texture. The chef was kind enough to ensure they were. We wanted to dig into a few desserts hence requested our server to parcel the pork ribs. We ate them for dinner that very night and I have to say, they figure in the ‘Top Five’ list of Pork Ribs served in Pune restaurants.

Everyone in my family has a sweet tooth. Okay, okay, let me rephrase that. Everyone in my family has sweet teeth. Tooth would be an understatement, teeth sounds apt. :D For dessert our choices were, Caramel Custard, Sizzling Brownie and Hot Gulab Jamun with Ice cream. This is a write up for Effingut, do I even need mention how fabulous they desserts were?? I must mention, though, Mum and dad, loved the drama that ensued at our table for the sizzling brownie flambé.

It was a weekday afternoon hence we availed their wonderful 40% discount. Another wonderful moment, for me, was that I finally got to meet Manu; ‘da man’ who heads, nurtures and guides his baby ‘Effingut Brewerkz’ (and his Team) with zeal and passion to ensure none of the patrons leave disappointed.

It was a blissful afternoon spent in the company of family; with excellent food, clubbed with attentive service in a wonderful ambiance made memorable with evocative retro music. It does not get any better than this!!

Team Effingut Brewerkz, each time I visit the restaurant I’ve always been a very well looked after patron. This time, what touched my heart, though, was that the servers were extremely kind, patient and very attentive towards my dad of 75+. My heartfelt thanks to you all; it was an extremely pleasurable luncheon experience!

Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance (music and music decibel, included) 5/5

Address: 21/A, Plot No 389, Lane No 6, Serene Bay, Koregaon Park, Pune
Tel: 020 30189858 

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