Monday, 6 February 2017

Swad Fish House... Reviewed!!

A couple of weeks ago a friend decided to drop in for dinner. We decided on seafood. We were hungry hence calling for food from a restaurant situated miles away was not on our agenda. It suddenly occurred to me that Swad Fish House, a place I had heard so much about, had moved into the neighbourhood. Once realization dawned, the decision was easy. Swad Fish House it was!

We ordered Rawa Fry Prawns, Rawa Fry Surmai, Sol Kadi and I requested them to make Prawn curry (with tirphal).

The Prawn Rawa Fry and the Surmai Rava Fry were quite nice. I have to add, though, that I would have preferred the prawns to be more succulent. If they had they been taken off the heat about 30-45 seconds sooner, they would have stayed plumper and juicier. Taste wise, I could find no fault with the marination or the freshness of the produce.

The Prawn Curry was delicious but I have to honestly say the ‘tirphal’ did not come through. Except for that, the curry was beautifully done and the prawns, this time, were perfect, not overcooked at all.

I’ve tried having Sol Kadi many times before but for some reason I’m just not overly fond of it. Given a choice, I steer clear of it. I told my friend I’d take a miss on the drink as I don’t enjoy it. He said, “There are regions on the Konkan belt where you first ‘eat’ Sol Kadi with plain rice and then drink the remaining.” I gave the chap a ‘are you stupid?’ kinda look. The (rude) bugger gave me the royal ignore and went on to spoon some Sol Kadi onto plain steamed rice (homemade). He mixed the rice really well until the Sol Kadi was absorbed and then poured a couple of extra tablespoons over the rice. When he took the first morsel, the look on my pal’s face was such that I simply had to try this for myself. Very apprehensively, I did! It was absolutely superb! I realized I still don’t like to sip on Sol Kadi as a drink but give me a well made Sol Kadi and I will happily have it with steamed rice. This one was not the overly sweet kind of Sol Kadi. This was the well balanced kind. The flavour of kokum, ginger and coconut did a merry jig on my palate. Damn! I still cannot believe I fell in love with it (with rice).

This was a home delivery but I cannot wait to visit the restaurant, more so, as it’s not too far away from home. Thank you ever so much, Sachin, for ensuring we get our order on time and for the great food you serve. I truly look forward to visiting the restaurant soon!

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5 (over the phone for home delivery)
Ambiance: NA (home delivery)

Photographs of home delivered food are never up to the mark because I have hounds barking at my feet, telling me to hurry the f#@k up as they tend to get into the 'hungry mode' as soon as they see food; more so, if it’s sea food. :D 

Swad Fish House has two branches:

33, Bhosale Garden Building, Opposite Vaibhav Theatre, Hadapsar, Pune
Tel: +91 9552511520

Shop 20, Ashwini Palace, Off Kedari Petrol Pump Lane, Wanowrie, Pune
Tel: +91 9657511511

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