Saturday, 11 February 2017

Peppercorn – The Home Chef... Food from their home to mine!!

A few days ago I received an inbox message from Prerna Punjabi to request me to give feedback on food cooked by them, a husband-wife team, (Prerna/Anubhav); they are ‘home’ chefs. I agreed and resultantly my Sunday came alive with the food they sent me. (Yeah, sometimes my Sundays can be a tad boring :P )

The meal was sent merely for feedback, not for a write up, but I felt that not writing about the meal amounted to injustice to the food. Why?? Read on!

The dishes sent by Peppercorn – The Home Chef aka Anubhav, were Bengali Style Mutton Biryani and Chicken Chaanp.

The aroma of Biryani wafted through the entire house as soon as I opened the pot. The mutton was beautifully cooked. Its dark colour suggested that it had been koshao’d (sautéed/bhunao’d) really well. The texture of the mutton was soft and succulent! The rice was gorgeous long grain Basmati; each grain beautiful and separate. The Biryani was not over oily even though I did notice a thin film of oil at the bottom of the vessel when I emptied it out. Gluttonous me decided to eat the last spoonful of rice that was in the vessel. That spoonful of rice was not unpleasantly oily, rather, it tasted superbly buttery. In fact I asked Prerna and Anubhav if they had put dollops of butter over the rice before putting the Biryani on ‘dum’. They said they hadn’t. I’m guessing the quality of mutton and method used to cook it was the reason behind that beautiful flavour. The Biryani was so well made that the rice, even when had by itself, was extremely flavourful. The flavours all came together beautifully!

The Chicken Chaanp, was chicken cooked in a rich and spicy gravy. The flavour was simply amazing and I continued feasting on the tantalizing gravy even after the chicken was polished off. The chicken was tender and cooked to perfection. If you are fond of piquant flavours then this is a must-try!

Peppercorn – The Home Chef operates from their residence at NIBM road and has a small but select menu available at this time. They do intend to add more dishes in the future. I found their prices (food prices and delivery charges) to be very fair. Of course, delivery in the NIBM and Undri circle is free. :) Also, let me add, for those of you who find the taste of mustard oil too sharp, Anubhav/Prerna are flexible enough to make the dishes for you in refined oil; the one most of us use at home. Do let them know your preference at the time of placing your order. I’m very sure you won’t be disappointed!! I know I wasn’t! Please visit the page Peppercorn – The Home Chef, at Facebook, and check out their menu.

Prerna/Anubhav: For trusting my palate and guidance to take this marvellous gastronomic venture forward, thank you! I wish you the very best for the future. Having tasted your food, if you retain the quality, I have no doubt that your venture will be a huge success.  

Prerna/Anubhav can be contacted on: +91 7378386637 / +91 9730115725

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